Expert tips on how to manage incontinence

Managing incontinence is not easy, here are some expert tips for you or your loved one that might help you.


Tips when managing urinary incontinence:

  • Prevent constipation so the bowel will not press on the bladder

  • Drink more water-based fluids and limit the amount of caffeinated, carbonated and citrus-based fluids

  • Drink fluids in smaller amount (4-8 ounces at a time) and space them throughout your day

  • Be alert on signs of urinary tract infection and call your doctor if you suspect infection

  • Go to the bathroom regularly and try to be close to one whenever you can

  • Wear easy to remove clothing


Tips when managing fecal incontinence:

  • Keep track of your bowel movements

  • Drink enough fluids (prune juice can be very helpful!), avoid milk products

  • Get enough fiber every day

  • Contact your doctor for treatment if the incontinence is caused by diarrhea

  • Go the bathroom as soon as you feel you need to have a bowel movement


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