Fragile Skin Protective Ointment

Specially Developed With Nurses to Keep You Or Your Loved One’s Skin Nourished and Protected


When it's your loved one, safety and dignity matters.

Welmedix HomeCare PRO Fragile Skin Protective Ointment is a specially designed barrier cream that protects fragile skin affected by aging, disability and incontinence. This versatile, rich ointment protects, soothes and deeply conditions extremely dry, cracked, chapped and irritated skin from head to toe with a blend of nourishing ingredients, including aloe vera & coconut oil. It's also great for incontinence as it helps prevent skin rash while helping heal and sealing out excess moisture.

Protect and Deeply Nourish Fragile Skin Where You Need It Most


Feet and Heels

Massage into dry, cracked heels and feet to soothe and deeply condition severely dry skin. Try it at night before bed, cover with soft socks and feel the difference in the morning!

Hands and Fingers

Rub into dry, chapped hands to moisturize and protect your skin. It’s especially great just after cleansing your skin with a gentle, moisturizing cleanser!

Pressure Points

Cover vulnerable pressure points like the buttocks, back, hips and shoulders to soothe and protect a loved one with limited mobility.


Help protect against painful skin rash caused by excess moisture from incontinence and help heal fragile skin where you need it most.

See What People Love About Welmedix HomeCare PRO Fragile Skin Protective Ointment!

My father was having problems with his skin on his arms being super sensitive and getting easily bruised and scratched just by a simple bump...because his skin was so think and fragile. I ordered him the Homecare Pro and it is absolutely amazing the difference in his arms. His skin looks healthy and he is no longer getting bruises or torn skin. He uses this multiple times daily and he said it is working great and he wanted me to order him more. So Dad is happy! I give this 10 stars this is a great product!

Verified Purchase, AmazonDecember 2017

We've tried a lot of barrier creams and this one seems to perform the best for my dad. It's got "oomph" to it yet is not heavy. It washes off easily from the skin and comes clean without a problem in the laundry. We love it!

Verified Purchase, AmazonJuly 2018

This ointment, along with the Welmedix foam cleanser, cleared up my 92-year-old disabled dad's diaper rash in a few days. He had had surgery and was bedridden for a while. I brought the ointment (and the foam cleanser) to his assisted living facility/nursing home and told his aides to use it on him. He was suffering terribly but now his butt is feeling fine. (My dad actually told me to let the company that makes this ointment know that!) I have ordered this ointment a at least three times already. It's a terrific ointment for elderly, fragile skin.

Verified Purchase, AmazonJune 2018

A Nourishing Blend of Botanicals For Fragile Skin

Aloe Vera

Used for centuries to soothe and cool skin conditions like rash, eczema, psoriasis, burns and severely dry skin.


Known for its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to soothe sore, itchy skin affected by acne, ulcers, bedsores, rash, eczema and other skin conditions.

Coconut Oil

Widely used to moisturize, smooth and soften severely dry, cracked and chapped skin. Also praised for its natural anti-aging properties.

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