Fragile Skin Protective Ointment

Hospital-grade creamy ointment
protects, soothes and nourishes fragile skin

Welmedix® HomeCare PRO Fragile Skin Protective Ointment protects pressure areas, and soothes & conditions dry, cracked, irritated skin from head to toe. 
The creamy ointment is specially balanced and enriched with nature’s best botanicals to replenish and nourish fragile skin.
Protects fragile skin
Creates an environment for healing
Soothes & moisturizes dry, cracked skin
Nourishes skin with nature’s best botanicals

Why choose Welmedix HomeCare PRO Fragile Skin Protective Ointment?

Protects high friction or pressure areas
Soothes and conditions hands and fingers
Relieves dry, cracked and chapped feet & heels
Helps prevent painful diaper rash

Fragile Skin Protective Ointment combines quality naturals to soothe, condition and nourish fragile skin

Calendula Oil
Coconut Oil
General skin protection: apply as needed
Incontinence care: change wet and soiled diapers and garments promptly   • cleanse the affected area and allow to dry   • apply ointment liberally, as often as necessary, especially at bedtime or any time when exposure to wet, moist or soiled garments may be prolonged
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