How to care for fragile skin

The skin is at greatest risk of injury while washing.
  • Keep water lukewarm and limit shower or soaking baths to less than 10 minutes to prevent excessive drying.
  • Use mild soaps that contain a moisturizer and use soft cloths and light pressure during washing to prevent skin tears, or better yet use a foaming, no rinse cleanser, like Welmedix HomeCare PRO No-Rinse Cleansing Foam.
After a bath or washing hands, apply moisturizer to the skin. Use heavier creams during winter months when skin is drier, and lighter formulas in the summer months.

Learn the same regimen trusted by nurses in hospitals

Nurses follow 3 key steps to care for adults with fragile skin. The Welmedix Skin Care Protocol is based on this same, proven regimen of care. It is focused on protecting skin integrity and prolonging the health of the skin.