How do I choose the right undergarment?

The right adult undergarments (pads, briefs and diapers) can make a big difference in managing incontinence. The key to success is finding the right product for you.


Pads or inserts

These come in different sizes and different levels of absorption so you need to read the label to be sure you are getting what you need. These pads work a lot like menstrual pads. You place them into your underwear to provide protection against urine leakage. If you try a highly absorptive pad and you’re still experiencing leakage, you need to switch to a brief or diaper.


Briefs or diapers

Disposable or reusable diapers are designed to absorb urine and contain stool. Briefs and diapers are either for managing incontinence or for when symptoms of incontinence persist after all treatment options have been explored. Make sure to select a product with the appropriate absorbency.


How they work: briefs and diaper products work like regular diapers. The advantage is they hold a lot more urine than pads/inserts and can handle both urine and stool. Briefs are designed for maximum absorbency, they fasten with tape tabs and provide the highest level of protection. Some are designed specifically for overnight protection.


Want to learn more about choosing the right undergarment? Download our guide here: Protecting Fragile Skin from Incontinence guide (page 7 covers the different types of undergarments).