How do I change an adult undergarment?

Tips on Changing Adult Undergarment

Changing briefs or diapers can seem overwhelming at first. The following tips will make the task more manageable. Take a deep breath – you can do it!


Step 1: Gather your changing supplies

Start by making sure you have everything you need in one place:

  • Adult undergarment

  • Disposable gloves

  • A towel or disposable underpad

  • Cleansing supplies

  • Trash can with lid

If needed:

  • A protective moisture barrier ointment or

  • A rash product


Step 2: Find a comfortable position

Most of the time, changing an adult diaper works best when the person is laying down


Step 3: When taking care of a loved one, let them help as much as they can

This can help make the process go faster and have more dignity


Step 4: Change the same way every time

Developing a routine will help make the process quicker, safer and easier.

We have an example of a good routine to follow on page 10 of our Protecting Fragile Skin from Incontinence guide.