No-Rinse Cleansing Foam for Fragile Skin

Ultra-gentle cleanser keeps you or your loved ones feeling clean and comfortable when a shower or bath isn’t convenient


Balanced and Gentle For Fragile, Mature Skin

Caring for a loved one with thinning, fragile skin, limited mobility, or inability to shower regularly due to fear of slipping/falling can be challenging. Make your bathing routine a little easier with our special no-rinse formula. Simply pump foam onto skin and hair or a damp washcloth, lather, and wipe clean!

Clean and Comfortable From Head to Toe

Welmedix No-Rinse Cleansing Foam is specially designed to help conveniently cleanse fragile skin from head to toe, especially when full showers are not regularly available. Our gentle, pH-balanced formula was developed with nurses to lift and clean odor-causing germs & bacteria, leaving you and your loved ones feeling clean & refreshed. Our unique, 3-in-1 cleansing foam can be used as a:

Rinse Free Body Wash
Rinse Free Shampoo
Rinse Free Personal Cleanser / Perineal Cleanser

See What People Love About Welmedix HomeCare PRO No-Rinse Cleansing Foam!

This stuff is a lifesaver! I am unable to bathe due to a broken arm in a cast that cannot get wet. This no rinse cleanser is wonderful - I put some on a washcloth and can have a nice sponge bath which is refreshing and cleansing! Thank you for a great product!

Verified Purchase, AmazonMay 2018

I use this for my mother and it is wonderful. I've tried a lot of products but this is the best, it makes her skin soft and supple so we don't have to worry about her skin breaking down and it smells clean and fresh. I have even used it for her hair and it works great. I definitely recommend this product when caring for someone who is bedridden.

Verified Purchase, AmazonJune 2018

My Mom had a stroke 2 years ago that has left her in a wheelchair and the No Rinse Body Wash is amazing!! Helps clean her up with no unwanted scent left behind!! Myself, family and caregivers all love it!!

Verified Purchase, AmazonJuly 2018

Our No-Rinse Cleansing Foam is also great for more than just fragile skin!

Camping and Hiking

Use Cleansing Foam when camping or backpacking to feel clean and refreshed from head to toe, even when the nearest bathroom is miles away!

Vacations and Travel

Cramped quarters and long trips can leave you feeling less than fresh. Keep Cleansing Foam on hand for convenient cleansing in between showers!

Kids Being Kids

Whether you're at the beach or the backyard, kids seem to find their way into sticky, messy situations. Use Cleansing Foam for quick, easy cleanups!

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